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Last updated on July 24 2020

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Security Technology We Use

SSL Certificate / is a secured website using the latest SSL technology. This is to protect visitors to our site from malicious hackers who try to steal information from people interacting with web properties. SSL stands for Secured Sockets Layer.

To learn more about SSL click here to Wikipedia.

The best way to describe an SSL certificate is this. When you visit using your phone, device, laptop, or desktop the connection in is encrypted so that no third party can intercept the information being passed between your browser and our website pages.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. This is why in most websites online are converting to secured SSL security.

You can see the details of our SSL certificate here. To learn more about it please visit the Thawte website.

Web Hosting Security / is hosted with Bluehost and they use a technology called SiteLock. SiteLock scans the server we use for malware and any other malicious behavior that may or may not be affecting our domain.

Web Platform Security / is an HTML based website which makes it less vulnerable to bad actors online, but we do host a Wordpress content management system on our site to manage all applications. This is a dynamic platform which does make it a target for hackers and spammers. We use the latest updated plugins (modules) such as Wordfence creating a Firewall to further enhance security.

Server Side and Client Side Security / When using you can rest assured that our visitors' security is a HIGH priority. We stay current with all server side technology and client side technology. To understand server side and client side technology you can watch this video (technical information).

Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (linked below) to learn more about the security we employ on this website.


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