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Last updated on July 24 2020
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Please Read Our Privacy Policy

Understanding and Comprehension

This privacy policy for is written in the English language and intended to be read in english. However, if your preferred language is something other than English, please use the free Google Translate service.

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Your Privacy

At We Find Lenders Inc. we take your privacy seriously and these are the steps we have taken to protect it.

Form Submissions

We collect the information you submit via the pre-app form (loan pre-application form) found here. All information that you submit is temporarily accessible by qualified lenders ONLY. The owners, operators, contributors, employees, and webmasters NEVER use your information for any other reason. We do not share your information with third parties in an attempt to profit from it, nor do we use your information for marketing of any kind (whether directly or through a third party).

Your information submitted by the use of our forms is kept in our database for 10 business days at which time it is permanently deleted from our servers and databases.

List of Information We Collect

This is a list of the information we collect via our pre-application forms. Not all fields in the form are mandatory.

  • first name
  • email
  • birth date
  • home owner or renter
  • purpose of loan request
  • desired length of loan term
  • amount of money requested
  • state of residence
  • city or town of residence
  • total current debt
  • zip code
  • credit score
  • income sources
  • monthly gross income
  • volunteered extra comment

As mentioned above (but worth repeating), only legitimate participants in the We Find Lenders Inc. active lender pool have temporary access the information you provide in the form.

Cookies and Tracking Tools

We use third-party tracking tools such as HTTP cookies to track visitors to and on our website - we use the tracking software by and/or Google Analytics to track our user/visitor activity on and off our site.

This a list of the primary data we track:

  • Visitor Paths
  • Visit Length
  • Returning Visits
  • Recent Pageload Activity
  • Recent Visitor Activity
  • Country/State/City Stats
  • Recent Visitor Google Map
  • ISP Stats
  • Browser Stats
  • O.S. Stats
  • Resolution Stats
  • JavaScript Stats

The data we track is subject to change at any time, depending the services Statcounter or Google Analytics provides. We use this information to better understand what our visitors need and want when using our website. (HTTP cookies explained on Wikipeidia)

Information From Minors

As per our terms of service agreement, we do not collect any information from people under the age of 18 years.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us via our contact page.

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