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Last updated on July 24 2020

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How Your Credit Score Is Impacted

Not at all if you're truthful / The answer is in the name WE FIND LENDERS. We find them, but we don't approve loans or lend money.

The pre-app you submit through our website is secure and it can be reviewed by lenders who service your area. These lenders are reading your submission to get a general idea regarding your status and your financial situation. This is why you need to be forthright and thorough when you fill out the form.

Your FICO score (credit rating) cannot be impacted in any way during this process. Most lenders can get a good idea of whether or not you can be approved based on the honest information your provide. If they don't think you can be approved as per their policies and procedures they won't contact you. Therefore, your credit score is untouched.

If you don't provide any false information, and don't leave out any information regarding your debt and your monthly income, you will be fine. Never try to trick a lender with false claims about your finances and income. If you do that lenders may approach you with an offer only to find out later in the process that you can't be approved. During that time in the approval process they may "pull your credit report" and that has the potential to damage your FICO score somewhat.

Remember that never lends money, or has anything to do with the approval process. It's only legitimate and lawful lenders who can do that.

Please read our terms of service in full before using our pre-app system.

Thank you for taking the time read this. We hope you are successful in getting approved for your loan soon!


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