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Last updated on July 24 2020

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Answers To Common Questions

What happens after I apply? / As soon as you submit your pre-application for lending it's sent to our review center. Depending on how busy our staff is, your request is either approved or disapproved. If approved, it's then forwarded to our back end system for lenders in your area to review. In some cases this all happens in a matter of seconds.

How long before I hear back from somebody? / It varies. It depends on the day of the week, time of day, how many lenders in your area are browsing, and what you submitted in your pre-app.

Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully while submitting your pre-app. On average it takes 4-5 business days to be funded for larger loans. If you haven't heard back within 5 business days that means none of the lenders in your area were available to review your request, or they did review it and passed on it.

If you don't get an email back after 5 business days you are welcome to submit another application. In some cases users submit multiple pre-apps before they get approved.

Why can't I just have a list of the lenders so I can approach them? / the reason lenders use our service is so they don't have to waste time with applicants who aren't serious. They get nonsense requests for financing all the time (online and offline), but with our system they can easily weed out inferior applications and spend their time working with serious customers who are up front and ready to be considered for a loan.

How come I see other people with really bad credit saying they got approved, but whenever I apply I'm not? / We are very sorry if you have not found a willing lender in your area that can help you with a loan. Don't let comments from other people online discourage you. No one will know if these people were really approved for a loan or not. Work on improving your credit score, reducing costs, and creating more income. is such a new website. Where is all the data coming from for the 5x5 City Volume and State Credit Scores? / All data is taken from over 150 financial service websites in the United States that use the WFL Lender Pool network. Learn more here.

What if my credit score is really bad in the 400-500 range? / We've had many people get approved for loans with scores that low. However, what we don't know is if they were using some form of collateral or a cosigner to get approved. Unfortunately (as mentioned above) we can only speculate on whether or not borrowers get approved. We get emails from people all the time thanking us for our service, and we even collect testimonials. It's in the bulk data that we can begin to see a pattern of success. Short answer is we've had hundreds of applicants with scores that low claiming to get approved.

Is WFL planning on becoming a lender? / No. We have no plans to be a consumer lender.


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