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Last updated on July 24 2020

Legal Disclaimers

The owners and operators of We Find Lenders Inc. are neither lenders nor financial institutions, and are not legally certified lenders in any State of the USA, and do not broker loans of any kind to any consumers.

We work with lenders only to give them access to the pre-apps users submit through this website. We do not communicate with lenders and borrowers in regards to any kind of loan product. WeFindLenders.com and it's owners are not employed by any lender or financial institution in the United States or abroad, nor do we act as agents or representatives for any said lenders of financial institutions.

We Find Lenders Inc. does not receive ANY compensation if a user of this website does business with one the lenders in our reviewing pool, and we don't endorse ANY specific service provider in our lending pool.

Although WeFindLenders.com and it's owners do not carry out credit checks on individuals applying for financing, the third-party financial institutions may do so. Lenders use credit tracking companies such as TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, DP Bureau. If they "pull your credit information" it may or may not affect your FICO score in a negative manner.

None of the owners of WeFindLenders.com are licensed brokers or members of a financial institution and therefore cannot make any decisions on whether or not a visitor of this site is approved for financing.

Contributor Content

Commentary published on the pages of WeFindLenders.com, including the WFL blog, is intended for informational purposes only and should NOT be considered financial advice. You should speak with professionals or lawyers to consider what action or steps to take regarding your personal finances.

The opinions of owners, writers, bloggers, and third party contributors should not be considered financial advice, and the above mentioned parties make no guarantee or promise in regards to the outcome of using the content published on the domain WeFindLenders.com.

No reader or visitor to WeFindLenders.com should make any financial decision based on the content found on this website or blog. You should seek advice from a professional financial advisor and/or use your own due dilegence to thoroughly and completely understand the risks involved with whatever financial decisions you make.

To the full extent allowed by United States federal law and State specific law, the above mentioned parties, and the owners of WeFindLenders.com disclaim any and all liability in the event any opinions, advice, information, comments, commentary, data analysis, or recommendations prove to be false, or inaccurate, and/or result in personal loss - whether real or percieved by the user.

As a user of WeFindLenders.com you must agree as per our terms of service that all of the content published within the domain, and the third-party websites and materials linked to from this domain will be used at your own risk.

Please read our terms of service before reading or using any information found on WeFindLenders.com

Thank you for reading this disclaimer.


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