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Last updated on July 24 2020
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Annual Percentage Rates & Fees

WeFindLenders.com is not a lender / Decisions regarding what APR (annual interest rate) you are subjected to is out of our scope.

Just as the name states. We work to help our visitors find a suitable lender, but we do not approve loans or having anything to do with the lending process itself. We don't communicate with borrowers or lenders directly. We simply use our website to connect borrowers with lenders and leave communication up to the parties concerned.

But we track lender interest rates and APR / Even though we don't approve loans, or lend money, we still track the rates in our lender pool. Most our time is spent monitoring the rates of the lenders and all of their different financial products.

We have a tracking system and database that watches their rate changes on a daily basis. If we notice a lender(s) has drastically increased their rates on a particular product we may choose to drop them from our system temporarily (or indefinitely).

In doing so we intend to make sure our visitors and users find the lowest rates possible with whatever credit score they temporarily have.

Note: The acronym "APR" and the term "interest rates" are not exactly the same thing. If you want learn more about how APR and interest rates work we recommend reading this at Investopedia.

Fees / We don't charge fees of any kind. Of course lenders do, so pay special attention when reading all loan agreements. Read them thoroughly before signing. If you're having trouble understanding the terminology or fine print on any loan agreement (or lender document) make sure you seek out professional help.

No Up front Fees / At WeFindLenders.com we do not charge up front fees because we are not a lender, but you should never pay up front fees to ANY lender on any loan product.

Please read our terms of service in full before using our pre-app system.


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