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Last updated on July 24 2020
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Ads and Affiliate Relationships

Commissions and ad clicks / At the time of this writing we do not post ads or links to third party offers on our main website pages, but visitors do see 1 ad when they use our APR Report Form. The ad is easily identifiable by the yellow highlighted AD text before the advertisement.

However, in the future we will be developing trusting relationships with select financial service providers. This is how we will pay for our staff and website maintenance costs.

Affiliate Commissions / In the future we may or may not publish "third party" links that go to a service provider's website.The user's activity on our website and the advertiser's website is tracked using a web technology know as HTTP Cookies.

If our visitor purchases a product or service on the advertisers website, we may (or may not) receive a commission from them. To fully understand how affiliate marketing works, you can read about it here on Wikipedia.

Ad Clicks / We may or may not publish advertising clusters on our website via popular ad revenue programs such as AdSense by Google. As mentioned above, we don't practice this at the time because we can't control which ads (and which companies) our visitors are being exposed to. To fully understand how these click revenue systems work please click here.

When the time comes for us to implement the above revenue generating methods, we will be updating this page to keep you informed on how they work, and how they may affect your experience on this website.

Please read our terms of service to learn more about advertising and affiliate relationship disclosures.

Thank you for reading this information and we hope you are successful in procuring a loan using our service.


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