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Last updated on September 26 2018
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Receive Money or Give Money To Others

We're very proud to launch our Angel Gifting Program (GAP).

It's perfectly legal as per the IRS rules and regulations to gift any United States citizen up to $14000 per year.

This means that you can donate money to people in need up to $14000 per donee per year. We will update this page if the gift tax exemption changes.

What This Means For Donees

If you've been struggling with financial woes and can't make ends meet, wouldn't it be nice to find an Angel to "fill in the GAP".

If you use our site to submit your pre-app, your information is published internally to our pre-app content management system, and accessible so lenders can review it.

And it's also accessible for review by Angel Lenders who are taking part in the program.

When you submit your story (and your request for a loan) a "Gift Angel" has the opportunity to learn about your financial struggle(s), and can choose to help you.

You must agree to our terms of service before using the GAP program. Please note that some Gift Angels may require your completed budget and financial plan before helping with a cash donation.

The idea is that you change your financial lifestyle for good. That you learn how to stick to a budget and financial plan.

Of course there are some people struggling with money problems that did nothing wrong. It can be just bad luck, such as an accident or medical condition.

Whatever your reason is for needing money, why not tell your story. A smart man once said, "You can't get help unless you ask for it."

What This Means For Donators

Any cash gift you send to a donee is not tax deductible as per the IRS. You will need to submit the IRS 709 form on your tax return as well. You can download and/or print the IRS gift form 709 here.

If you read a plea for money anywhere on our pre-app hub (Maxine's example here) and you want to take action to help someone, you can choose to be a Gift Angel.

If you would like to be a Gift Angel email us the following;

  1. URL of the page where donee requested money
  2. First name of person who requested money
  3. How much money you intent to gift them
  4. Your street address
  5. Your email address
  6. Your phone number

Once we receive your email including the above information, we will screen your request for legitimacy and contact you via email or phone (or both).

When our staff finishes it's review, and everything looks like a go, we'll send the email of the donee so you can start your communication with them.

How you transfer funds to your donee is up to you and all communications you have with the donee are not to be shared with the owners, users, authors, staff, or operators of WFL. Please read our terms of service for more legal mumbo jumbo.

At this point the WFL staff is out of the loop. It's up to both parties (the donator and the donee) to hammer out the details and behave within the rules, laws, and regulations pertaining to the State and Federal Law.

Thank you for showing interest in our GAP program and we hope all parties' lives are enriched in their exchanges.

If any donator or donee feel there has been a breach of ethics during their experience(s) please contact us to complain. We want this to work for all concerned so we are diligent in maintaining the integrity of the program.

Please read our terms of service in FULL before using our gifting program.


Lance, Andy, and Chris Somerset


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