Robin / Dominguez Awards for April 30th 2018

Help for bad credit applicants.

Robin / Dominguez Awards for April 30th 2018

We know! We know! We’re brand new and nobody.

But not for long… 😉

Chris Somerset

Today’s recipients of the Robin Dominguez award for personal finance blog posts are as follows. Judges in round-table meeting were;

  • Chris Somerset
  • Lance Somerset
  • Sandra Somerset
  • Andrea Somerset
  • Andy Somerset

Robin / Dominguez Award

What Helps You Achieve Financial Independence Besides Money: This post is from Amy (Twitter) on her blog Life Zemplified. It was chosen because she lays out for us the answers given by The Million Dollar Roundtable when asked what non-money activities or behaviors that contributed to their success. It’s a good read along the lines of Think and Grow Rich, and it’s a solid reminder of how financially successful people think.

The answers she chose were things like, having a solid partner couple team effort, having mentors, learning from mistakes, and some things that will surprise you too. One of the key sentences chosen during our round-table meeting;

“Those that realize they don’t ‘need’ a lot of things, work at simplifying their life, often finding pleasure in the little things. Many millionaires mentioned valuing experiences over stuff.”

Amy has a very welcoming feel to her blog.

How To Fight Credit Card Debt With A Balance Transfer Option: Don’t let the title fool you! Mr. CBB (Canadian Budget Binder) (Twitter) is infamous for going other directions first it’s one of the things that makes his style fun and unique.

Almost like the famous Ronnie Corbett monologues where he gets to the main story after first going in other various directions first.

We chose this post by Mr. CBB because it sheds a bright light on the world of credit cards and debt for our Canadian brothers and sisters up north. One of the sentences from his informative post stuck out to us during our round-table meeting;

“As of December 2017 Statistics Canada released a report that says the debt-to-household ratio went up and is now sitting at 171 percent.”

Mr. CBB has a very dynamic feel to his blog.

6 More Things It’s Never, Ever OK to Do with Your Money: This post by Gary (Twitter) over at Super Saving Tips. This post barely scratches the surface for Gary because he’s a knowledgeable and thoughtful writer who often backs up his thoughts with data. I won’t list his 6 items in the title so you can discover that for yourself. As a bonus, Gary links off to another good post about how he was “duped” by a family member, costing him around $10K in losses. A great line chosen during our round-table meeting is;

“This one is a serious “hot mess”. You don’t need it. You don’t want it. But dammit, no one is going to tell you that you can’t have it. Psychologists call it “POP” spending and that stands for “pissed-off purchases”.

When you read Gary’s work you get the feeling all of his advice comes from personal experience and not just buzz words flying around the PF zone. It’s almost like your reading a father’s advice to his children. It’s a nice place to be.

Don’t Make These 12 Common Tax Filing Mistakes: This informative post by Kay (Twitter) was chosen because of her style and because she should be considered “The Go To Person” for tax tips and information (she knows her stuff you-all).

When you’re finished reading this post don’t be surprised if you never want to do your taxes by yourself again. It really hammers home how “the devil is in the details” when it comes to doing your tax return. The line we chose to highlight  during our round-table meeting;

“In processing 2016 tax returns, the IRS caught more than 2.5 million math errors, according to the agency’s 2017 Data Book. Considering that most of us use tax software, in large part because it does the math for us, that’s astounding.”

Kay’s style is bold and when you read her content you know you’re in the space of an expert. Many claim to be experts, but not so many actually are. She is.

Health Savings Accounts – The Other Retirement Plan: This post comes to us from Roger (Twitter) over at The Chicago Financial Planner. He goes into great detail guiding us through what an HSA (Health Savings Account) is, how you may be able to use it, and most importantly how to use it.

With the radical changes in our labor force and the looming uncertainty for aging Americans, Roger is providing crucial information that could make a huge difference in your “golden years”. Anyone who has being paying attention would agree that relying solely on a 401K isn’t a good idea, so these HSA tips are excellent. Here is a quote chosen during our round-table meeting;

“According to Fidelity an average couple both aged 65 will spend on average $275,000 on medical costs in retirement. This is up from $260,000 in 2016, $245,000 in 2015, $220,000 in 2014 and from $190,000 from their 2005 survey.”

When you read Roger’s work it’s clear he’s an expert and has years of experience. If I lived in Chicago, I know where I would be going for financial planning advice.

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Chris Somerset

Robin / Dominguez Award

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