Robin / Dominguez Awards for April 23rd 2018

Help for bad credit applicants.

Robin / Dominguez Awards for April 23rd 2018

We know! We know! We’re brand new and nobody.

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Chris Somerset

Today’s recipients of the Robin Dominguez award for personal finance blog posts for Monday, April, 23rd, 2018

Robin / Dominguez Award

Create Your Own Basic Income Before It’s Too Late: This is an excellent post on the blog Birds of a FIRE run by Olivia (Twitter) who touches on some interesting facts, albeit not easy to digest for some (you know reality can be tough sometimes). In her post “Create Your Own Basic Income Before It’s Too Late” she reminds us of how technology is rapidly changing, making many jobs obsolete;

“But what about all the horse and buggy drivers, the chimney sweeps, telegram operators, and the typists?”

She writes about ageism, robotics, and bricks and mortar retailers drying up due to Amazon. It’s a good read by an obviously gifted writer coming in to her own.


24 Simple Rules Of Personal Finance You Must Follow: This is a lengthy post on the blog Atypical Life run by Justin (Twitter) that runs through 24 staples of managing money, but it’s not typical in content (well with his name, how could it be). If you are visiting here from one of our directory pages, and you’re struggling with money problems, this is an excellent post to start your journey.

At the very end of his post, he leaves us with a perfect quote of his own;

“There are no secrets to financial success. There are just the simple steps outlined above that will bring us all to financial success. If we simply follow through on each, we can move towards a life where money is not a concern to us.”


7 Airports With Free Layover Tours (Updated 2018): This post from Canadian Jen Avery (Twitter) was chosen for it’s uniqueness on their frugal travel blog called The Thrifty Nomads. The first thing most of us think of when we hear the words “layover” is boring and brutal, but Jen shows us seven airports where a layover could be fun….and a lot of that fun is cheap. 

She explains how to get freebies, great deals, and free tours, movies, rest areas, and budget destinations. Our takeaway quote from Jen’s post is in the first paragraph;

“Lengthy airport layovers are not only a total brain drain, but a wasted opportunity to explore. If you thought that all airport layovers have to be this way, this article may just change your mind!”

The airports highlighted are; Singapore (Airport: Singapore Changi), Seoul, Korea (Airport: Incheon International), Taipei, Taiwan (Airport: Taoyuan International), Tokyo, Japan (Airport: Tokyo Narita), Istanbul, Turkey (Airport: Ataturk International), Doha, Qatar (Airport: Doha International), Salt Lake City, Utah (Airport: Salt Lake City International).


The 6 Biggest Credit Score Mistakes (+ How You’re Making Them): This post from Lauren (Twitter) over at Financial Life Best has a great post regarding the mistakes people make managing their credit scores.

She tells us about her own struggles with her credit score, and which mistakes she made, so the source is pure on this – she’s been there. I won’t list off all six mistakes here and let Lauren give the details in her post, but just so you know – there are some really good tidbits in this post that most writers don’t include. Definitely worth the read, and here is a quote from her post that is very important, and something she learned the hard way;

“I don’t recommend mixing money and friendship and co-signing can end up being a financial misstep for both of you.”

That’s for sure! Your humble narrator made this same mistake when I lent money to friend. It destroyed the friendship. The price of an education. I just wish I had read a post like this before I was ever eligible for a credit card. Special note for Lauren: Your Twitter link in your footer is broken – thought you would like to know 😉


How to Eat Well With a $300 Monthly Grocery Budget: This post by Choncé (pronounced Chon-say) (Twitter) on her site My Debt Epiphany (great domain title) is excellent. She writes about feeding her family of three with only $300 a month, and that’s no easy task by any stretch. Our family has been in a situation when money was to tight that food purchase had to be watched closely, so we can relate.

Choncé guides us through her entire process, from watching advertising, flyers, and coupons, to planning meals, grocery lists and a monthly budget. This is invaluable information for many of our WFL visitors as many of them are in dire straights financially. Our favorite quote from her post is;

“If you set a grocery budget/limit, and commit to it like you have no extra room in your monthly budget to overspend, you will be able to successfully cut your grocery bill down to a reasonable amount for you and your family.”

Words of wisdom because without strict adherence to a monthly food budget the whole process falls apart – quickly! Good read.

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This wraps up the Robin Dominguez awards for April 23rd, 2018. If any of the recipients or readers have any suggestions on how we can improve our presentation, please feel free to comment below. We appreciate your candor and support as we work to build the best personal finance awards program online. If you would to suggest a blog post for future award(s) consideration please tap here.


Chris Somerset
WFL Project Awards Committee

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