People Wanting Loans with Bad Credit

Help for bad credit applicants.

People Wanting Loans with Bad Credit

Due to the comments we’ve received on Twitter regarding our last post called, “Pleas For $$$ Help“, we are going to keep publishing more cases of people and their ongoing quest to get approved for loans when their credit rating is shot all to hell. In some cases we can find lenders for people with bad credit, and in some case we just can’t make it happen. (not for lack of trying!)

For each example we include the loan request from each individual while protecting their PII. This is the agreement we have with all of them before we publish their pleas for approval. It’s hard to read some of these requests (well if you have any empathy at all that is), because you can see how desperate they are, and how their lives seem to be falling apart. Remember, if you are in the same situation, it’s only a temporary issue, and you can sort it out over time. Below our submissions list we will include some great resources for learning to manage your personal finances.

So lets get started. We will also include the page where the person applied for their loan from.

$150,000 for Town Home

This person has borderline credit and applied on our Las Vegas page – she made it pretty clear she wanted to get approved fast, and was very polite. She was working on improving her credit score at the time of her pre-app submission.

I am interesting in purchasing my first town home on this year. I want to be in this home before the end of the month, or as soon as possible with your help. I have never had the opportunity to purchase my first town home. But I always wanted to own my first home in this life time. This town home cost roughly at: $150,000.00 dollars. I need your help in making my dreams come true on this year of: 2018. Yes I have established three credit references to improved my credit history. I have being paid all three companies on time each month. I have never been late every since I have open accounts with these companies. Yes I currently have past dues with medical bills in the past. With TransUnion / my credit score is above 636 at this time. Please, please, give me a chance and a fresh start in obtaining my first loan and mortgage which will soon be. I also need financial help for down payment assistance as well too. I would like to borrow enough money to cover for expenses and pay off these three companies debts and just have one main loan/mortgage bill per month. Please contact me with the correct lender today that’s willing to work out a special deal with me with my financial and credit situation too. Please email me asap!

Wanting to Buy a Boat in Alabama

This person lives on the gulf coast and applied for a loan on our Mobile Alabama page. He is struggling with PTSD and depression unfortunately, and reported a credit score of under 600 – this puts him squarely in the bad credit zone for sure.

I have lived outside of the USA since 2011 to present day. My gross salary on my 2017 W2 was $192,233.15. Living outside of the USA has impacted my credit by not having any revolving credit. I have no credit card debt, no auto payments, I have a land payment, and a student loan payment and that is all but no body will finance me because of my X-Pat status. The boat will remain in the USA. I am a USA citizen and I am preparing for my retirement years. I have placed a large amount down on the vessel not realizing I would not be able to obtain financing. I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression so I’ve missed excessive days of work which led me to becoming behind in bills while I’m getting treatment for my illnesses. Also disability is not enough.

Military Member Wanting a Consolidation Loan

In this case the gentleman was unable to get approved for any kind of credit in his local neighborhood in Colorado. Naturally his application for a loan was on our Denver Colorado page. We’re happy to say this visitor was able to find a lender to approve his loan with bad credit using our lender pool option. He was approved with three submissions over a period of two weeks (doesn’t usually happen on the first try).

My credit history suffered from being in the military and raising a family of 5. Credit is building up and right now fluctuates between 630’s to 720’s. I am requesting this loan to debt consolidate to close out most of my credit cards and I need to complete home improvements to keep my house from falling in around my family. I will be using these funds to pay of credit and also put a roof on and windows in my house. My job is secure and my military retirement is secure. I am requesting help because traditional seems to not want to help. I will be able to direct deposit payment installments for this loan to help secure it.

Loan To Trade Cryptocurrencies

This is one we don’t see very often. This man wanted to get a loan with bad credit in Kansas City Missouri. He never did find a lender willing to come forward and you can see why. It’s about the same thing as asking for a loan so you can go to Vegas and gamble. Of course, most investors will tell you they’re NOT GAMBLING, but in reality very few traders are profitable in the long run. The house always has the edge over time.

I need this loan for investment purposes. I invest in Cryptocurrencies and need this extra money to use for investments. I’m willing to pay high interests rates and I will be able to make money for the both of us. I’m just a young man trying to make a living off trading and investing in the cryptocurrency markets. I work construction and I get paid cash under the table and I’m finding it hard to get a loan. I’m looking for anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars and will be able to pay it off in between 2 to 4 months. I already have 10,000 dollars worth of assets. Please, I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks!

$5000 Loan To Stay Afloat

This mom wanted to get a loan over a four year term, and she went into great detail on her financial situation. We had to remove quite a bit of her submission because she provided a lot of personal information – as per our agreement with her before publishing. It’s tough to see people struggling with money when they have children in the balance. The good news is she did find a lender using our lender pool. She applied for this loan on our Detroit Michigan page.

Hello. My name is Betty. I am a 42 year old mother of 3. I am asking for a $5000 loan to pay off over a 4 year period with monthly payments. My husband currently works 2 jobs. He has his full time job and also works a part time job to help pay for expenses. I also work full time, although I was just told I would only be working 1 day a week. Our credit score is not good right now due to falling behind on bills while we help my mother out. My mother had recently had 2 back surgeries that has left her unable to work. She recently started to receive disability, but that is not enough to live on so I help her when I can. My mother was and still is a single mom. She did everything possible for me while growing up and now is my turn to help her. Our oldest child will be going off to college next year and I am asking for the loan to help pay for her first year room and board. My oldest daughter is extremely smart, 4.2 GPA, and she is doing everything possible to get grants and scholarships needed to attend a college for biomedical field. My daughter works part time now and is saving for a cheap car to get to work and I would also like to help her with this and currently can not. We share my car which has become difficult with schools and jobs and taking my 2 other children to sports and school. Due to our credit score being low right now we can’t get a loan elsewhere. Building our credit back up is a main goal of ours. By getting a larger loan, $5,000, we are able to make monthly payments to pay it off where we will not be set back financially. I have done numerous budgets for our income and the income is there to make all payments, it’s a matter of getting out of our “hole” first so that everything is paid on time. I have asked family members for help, but my family doesn’t work that way. They are not the types to help, just give sympathy. My husband has been at his job for 7 years and its is a very secure job so have have his income to count on for repayment. We tried to borrow from his 401K to help us, but his work doesn’t allow it unless for home purchase. We also currently rent our home so can’t take out a loan on it. I have gone through every possible avenue to try and get us back on track and trying a private loan seems to be our best fit. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to ask me any questions.

So that’s it for today. We’ll make more of these posts in the future. As you can read above, unless you protect your credit score, you can find yourself in a similar situation whereby your local bank or credit union won’t approve credit any longer. All of these people resorted to the Internet to find a solution. Wish we could help ALL APPLICANTS, and we try to make sure our lender pool has good solid lenders who abide by the laws in their State. We comb our lender pool every month making sure there are NO predatory lenders who try and take advantage of people suffering with money problems. You will notice we don’t have a lot of ads on our site for this reason. There are so many predatory lenders lurking around online – we have to stay vigilant.

List of Great Resources

As promised here is a list of great pieces of content you can read as you navigate your course to a better credit rating and a sound financial situation again. Keep at it, be careful, and above all be patient!

Until next time, All the best to you and your loved ones.


Chris Somerset
Editor: WFL Project


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