Napoleon Hill Awards for May 2018

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Napoleon Hill Awards for May 2018

We know! We know! We’re brand new and nobody.

But not for long… 😉

Chris Somerset

May 2018 Napoleon Hill awards for personal finance blog posts are as follows. Judges in round-table meeting were;

  • Chris Somerset
  • Lance Somerset
  • Sandra Somerset
  • Andrea Somerset
  • Andy Somerset

Napoleon Hill Award

The Downsides of Minimalism: This post is from the “Blogger, Minimalist, INTJ, and Beardsman (as self-described on his Twitter account) who owns and operated We’re All Poor Here.

It was his candid and honest way he disclosed the negatives of a minimalist lifestyle. Most PF bloggers who cover minimalism don’t get this honest, push only the PROS of living that way. A takeaway quote we enjoyed from this promising writer that we discussed during our round-table meeting;

“I’m not going to go out of my way to fill up this perfect little abode to impress or please people I don’t know or like.”

Bravo! That’s the attitude. Live your life by your own values and standards. Some people never figure this out during their short visit on this earth. We recommend spending some quality time over at WAPH.


Are You Really Ready To Live In A Tiny Home (I’m Not): This post is from Aaron (Twitter) on his blog Cash Smarter. His short, but sweet post also questions the choice of minimalism, but does it in a different way than mentioned above. First of all, Aaron has a good sense of humor that we feel he should show off more 😉

“People who live in a tiny home can cancel their Costco membership.”

He makes an important distinction between a tiny home that’s mobile and a tiny home that’s not mobile. He believes that you should make sure to be a position to move at short notice so you can take advantage of free spaces (camping grounds, parking lots, wherever). He’s brings up the reality of wear and tear on a tiny home as well. Here is another quote from Aaron’s post we chose during our round-table meeting;

“Unless my tiny home had wheels, like an RV, I don’t think I’d want to move a tiny house to a new location too often. The costs of moving it could get hefty, and the hassle of finding a new spot to rent could get tiresome if done too often.”


Why You’re Failing at Frugality: This post is from Neil (Twitter) on his blog Pretend To Be Poor. We chose this post of Neil’s because he also makes a clear comparison between “true frugality” and “faux frugality”. It gets down all important factor with saving money, and that is being truly honest with yourself. He asks his readers and important question – “are you pretending to be frugal, or are you really being frugal”. Neil forces us to evaluate our frugality and take a good hard look in the mirror.

Here is an excellent quote from his post we chose during our round-table meeting;

“In a materialistic culture that masterfully markets the financial fallacy that we save money by spending money, it’s almost impossible to resist the pitfalls of faux frugality.”


Paying Off Debt Gets Done Through The Stupid Little Things: This post is from Jen (Twitter) on her blog Saving With Spunk (now that’s a blog name right!).

We chose this post of Jen’s because she also does some powerful “truth telling”. To you give you a perfect example let’s start with a quote from this insightful post we chose during our round-table meeting;

“So where do we go from here? You can’t go from drowning in debt to financially independent overnight. It’s a hard road. There’s a glamorous story to tell at the end but the process is anything but.”

Another cool thing about this post is that Jen avoided the now cliche “List Post” title that she could have easily employed. This post could have been titled; “17 Little Things To Help Wipe Out Your Debt”, because she lists off seventeen creative ideas on how to steer your financial ship in the right direction and keep it on course. We leave you with another quote from her thoughtful post we chose during our round-table meeting;

“There’s no magic bullet, there’s no personality, job, or location that makes someone better suited to pay off debt. It’s the small habits you build and perform day-in and day-out that make it possible. And there are dozens of them. But you can get started with just a few.”


Protect Your Credit To Avoid Financial Disaster: This post is from Mr. Frugal (Twitter) on his blog Mr. Freaky Frugal. This recent post was chosen because Mr. Frugal lays out a succinct process for monitoring your credit score WITHOUT getting fleeced in the process.

He does mention how you can pay to have your credit locked or frozen (with no affiliate links by the way), but focuses on showing his readers themselves. He takes some of the “scare factor” (like OMG! you might have to do some work!) out of the process because all the links and steps are provided.

We think this a valuable post with actionable information. Here’s a GOOD question Mr. FF poses that was chosen as a quote during our round-table meeting;

“And oh, by the way, shouldn’t there be a single website where I can Lock and Unlock all my credit reports instantly for free?”

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Chris Somerset


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