Pleas For $$$ Help (Installment #1)

Help for bad credit applicants.

Pleas For $$$ Help (Installment #1)

As I mentioned before, the majority of our visitors are Americans struggling with serious financial difficulty. They come looking for credit to solve the problems they’re currently faced with, and in many instances ANOTHER loan is the last thing they need. But regardless of anyone’s opinion as to why they’re in the situation they’re in, one can’t help but feel empathy, or be interested to see people lay their money problems out so candidly.

We try to help these people as much as possible, but like most things life you can only help the people that want to be helped.

Below we have our first installment of “Pleas For $$$ Help“. We will be publishing 10 examples per post, with the actual content from the applicant’s submission almost verbatim (we fix some obvious spelling and grammar problems). Each example is from a different State, and all examples are used with the applicant’s absolute expressed permission. 

Each user told us the content that caught their eye the most on the page they used for submitting their request, so we’ve included that as well.

Currently to date, if you include all the websites using our non-profit lender pool (network), we have over 90,000 submissions, with over 10,000 applicants who gave us permission to republish their content, on the condition they’re kept anonymous.

To keep things orderly, we’ve included States in alphabetical order, so today we will be covering Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Delaware.

1.) Alabama ($20,000)

This borrower in Alabama wanted to borrow $20000. She had just gone through a divorce as the time of her submission, had a good job, but her credit score was in the tank. The content she liked was the APR estimator tool on our Alabama page. What would you tell her?

“I am an educated well paid mom and recently went through a long drawn out divorce. So without going into that ugly detail I will only say due to that I was stuck with some debt only because I make more money and now credit that I had rebuilt since the initial split has tanked! I make 6 figures but my credit score number sucks! I am reliable I work daily and have a daughter (pre-marriage) that I have supported alone and is now almost ready to drive. I DO NOT have a co-signer to help me get a personal loan. I apply for a debt consolidation loan and its a catch 22, they offer to help so people can have ONE payment and then they look at the credit score and report that clearly shows WHY I NEED the loan? I am at a loss but truly need to borrow $20,000 over a 4-5 year term. If I consolidate and pay off my credit cards and destroy the credit cards all together…..I could afford a payment back of $300-400/mo. Thank you for reading and please do not contact me unless you really want to help us out and you are honest as well.”

2.) Alaska ($10,000)

This borrower in Alaska who visited this page, wanted to borrow at least $10000. This is very common request. It’s a laundry list of regular, everyday things that need to be caught up, and we never know truly what led up to their impending cash crunch. A cash crunch might land them on the street. The content they liked was the credit counseling map on our Alaska page. What would you tell them?

“I am looking for $10,000 to help myself get caught up on monthly bills like cable, cell phone, internet, gas, etc. I have two children in sports and need funds for registration and camps. I need a new refrigerator and dishwasher. I’d also like to help out a family member who is having some problems too. I owe my ex my parents some friends and quite frankly it seems everyone. I am a reliable honest person and should be able to handle about $500 a month for repayment of the loan. I would really like to finally be caught up on all of bills pay off my cancelled credit card and pay off my pay day loans and get out of that horrible cycle. Your help in this matter as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated and I won’t let you down!”

3.) Arizona ($5000)

This Arizona resident was facing eviction at the time of their application. Brutal. They never did get around to specifying the amount they were trying to borrow. The content they liked was the APR estimator tool on our Arizona page. What would you tell them?

“I am facing eviction therefore need to pay off my two months including the upcoming month. Emergency Help Needed! My rent is $1640 a month. I would like to come out as well hence i am asking for first and last month’s rent for a new cheaper place. Also i have a payday loan from last month about $500 which i have not been able to pay back. I would like this money to pay all these expenses off as in the debt i have as the moment and start off new if you would allow me. I also work for normal food and package courier in my spare my which come to about $1500 a month which i intend to use to pay off this loan adding more from my $3500 income monthly.”

4.) Arkansas ($2000)

Another hard to read submission from someone desperate in Arkansas. All you can say is, “man oh man”. The content they liked was the daily APR numbers on the Arkansas page. What would you tell them?

“I’m trying my best to get us back on our feet by paying off our bills we are also running low on food and personal stuff it’s very hard for us right now my kids eat a lot as they are growing there ages are from 12 to 2 years it’s hard getting enough food to last a month my bills are about $800 power and water bill my food comes up too $500 a month but is gone right away plus I have my truck to register which is $200 a month plus gas which is crazy right now it takes my truck $150 to fill that only leaves me with $316 which doesn’t last when we run out of food.”

5.) California ($1500)

This young person was trying to get a loan for $1500 because of credit card debt. She was really concerned about what her parents were going to think if they found out about her debt issue. The content she liked was the loan calculator on our California page. What would you tell her?

“I have a bill of $250 due today – and I am moving on Monday. I need to pay off the rest of my debt and be able to make this car payment and put gas in my car buy groceries etc. Please, I thought today they would deposit my vacation pay but they didn’t and now I am scrambling. My credit cards are all maxed because I tried paying the rest of my tuition with them but couldn’t. I am $1300 in debt. I really don’t want my parents to know I have no money because they don’t either so the small payment of $250 for my car I was going to make to them was very helpful to them.”

6.) Colorado ($4000)

This poor kid got stuck in the payday loan cycle of abuse and was in a real pickle. And you wonder why we tell our visitors to NEVER use payday loan companies! The content she liked was the 5 consolidation examples showing principal and APR on our Colorado page. What would you tell her?

“I am looking to loan of $4000 in order to pay off smaller loans such as Check Into Cash for $1800, and Advance America for $1000. My account with Verizon closed but still have $700 left remaining to pay as well as $800 to pay on my credit card. My monthly rent bill is $600 as i go half with my roommate, my phone bill is $33.90 a month and i spend about $150 a month on groceries. I am having to do payday loans constantly every pay check just to stay afloat and i am not too sure how i can hang on for without declaring for bankruptcy if any lender can help me i know for a fact i can make at least $320 a month.”

7.) Connecticut ($2500)

It’s requests like this that really pull at your heart strings. This single mother in Connecticut was desperate to find any solution possible to make ends meet. This is why predatory lenders are so bad. It’s people like this young mother who are in risk of using their horrible products. The content she said she liked was the article about the another person going through what she’s going through on our Connecticut page. What would you tell her?

“Well me and my small family are running out of funds I have 4 kids who are growing quickly and clothes food and bills are what takes up most of the money. I’m a single mom and it is very hard for me right now I would really appreciate if we get this loan I have truck payments plus registration and gas for it this loan would really help us we will be forever grateful please help us as we struggle my bill come up to $800 my food comes up to $500. My truck payments are $200, registration is $200, and pampers milk and wipes and personal stuff comes up to $300…”

8.) Delaware ($30,000)

This small business owner was looking for cash to stay afloat in Delaware and wanted $30K to grease the wheels and get them through to the next phase of their business growth. This is as common request we see a lot, as Americans try to get their small business profitable. The content he liked was the APR estimator on our Delaware page. What would you tell her?

“Unexpected new business expenses. Trying to finish the final part of the business deal, so that we can successfully proceed with new sales in the next few weeks with a higher revenue. Can make monthly payments of $500 for one year, if the sale goes through in the next few weeks, I can have this loan paid off in two months. Monthly bills and utilities 701.00 per month. Income will continue to go up during the late spring and summer season the projected income is expected to increase to $4000 per month. If the sale goes through in the coming weeks, income will be up in the margin of $15,000 in late May of this year.”

9.) Florida ($2500)

This is another one that’s hard to read because it’s a single parent trying to raise 5 young children. She’s recently divorced, and her ex-husband does help somewhat, but she needed her car fixed and couldn’t afford to do so at the time. The content she liked were the examples on our Florida page. What would you tell her?

“Car repair. My 2 youngest are in the hospital and right now my friend is giving me rides but won’t ’t be able to much longer. I have 3 other children at home so I can’t stay in the hospital full time with them as much as I would like to. To fix my van it’s $1600 plus I need some money for gas and food. My payment goes straight to my landlord so that way it’s paid, but I still have to pay utilities and gas and the townhouse pays for water. With having to pay my friend to bring to drive me for the past 2 weeks I’m short on all my bills. I know it would just be cheaper if I could repair my own van, and that way I can go and return whenever I want. My children are 2m 1.5y 3y 4y and 7y my two oldest are in school full time so I have to bring them to school then work, then return to pick them up from school. My ex takes our 3 year old while I’m up there. He works full time and goes up and sees our babies but can’t help me with repairing the car, my older three really want to see their siblings but they haven’t been able to due to lack of space in my friend’s car as she brings her children with us when she drops me off and picks up me”

Georgia ($1000)

This young family has a child with a rare medical condition and was struggling with transportation costs. The mother wanted help and this comment of this was gut wrenching. We see so many comment from parents with young children. No matter how many times we read these, we never get desensitized by their pleas for help. The content she liked was the credit counseling list and map on our Georgia page. What would you tell her?

“My 15 month old daughter has a rare medical condition. Since she was been born we’ve had to drive to and from Atlanta for constant doctor appointments. I need the money for food and traveling expenses as her next appointment coming up soon at the Egleston children’s hospital in Atlanta. I live in Panthersville, GA and need to pay a cab from here to Atlanta. I usually go without food just so my baby can eat. I just want to for once not have to worry about money”


This is my first post her on the WFL Project and I’m glad to get this mini-stories out there. Sometimes there’s a happy ending for these folks, but usually their struggles just continue on day after day, week after week, year after year…you get the picture.

Did you notice anything from the pleas above? Mostly young women. That’s right, close to 70% of requests for financial help we see come from young women trying to raise their kids. Sometimes our content helps them in some small way, and sometimes in BIG ways. We get a fair amount of feedback but not nearly as much as we would like.

For now, and sincerely,

Andy Somerset

Digital Artwork by Sandra Somerset

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