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Sara’s Loan

Sara needed a loan to repair her car and fix the roof on her house. These problems had to be fixed, but she couldn’t get approved for a loan with her bank branch.


First she compared lenders who provide bad credit loans.


She calculated the loan cost and made a budget going forward.


She applied for a loan using the We Find Lenders network.


She made a plan to fix her credit score and keep it healthy.

User Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say:

 We don’t have any equity in our house to borrow off so we were desperate to look after our medical bills and just make ends meet. Both my husband and I have had credit due to our small business collapsing as well. Both of our credit scores were below 500 and we thought we may end up on the street. Thanks to the WFL service we got approved in two weeks for a loan for $50,000. We had 4 offers in our email the same week we applied. We can’t thank you enough.

Angela Bowman

Las Vegas NV

I had a horrible credit score and nobody would help me get a second chance with my finances. I just wanted a small loam for $3000 to catch up on some bills I owed. I did not want a payday loan because I wanted to a loan at a much lower rate. All the companies I tried getting approved with turned me down but I had three offers from lenders in the WFL pool. I was funded in three days. I would recommend WFL to anyone who has had trouble getting approved!

Francis Tourney

Boise ID

We were at our wits end with debt troubles and couldn’t get help from our credit unions or banks in our area. My husband was sick with stress after he recently laid off from his job. He felt like a failure and we were getting phone calls from collection agencies. We got approved in 8-9 days and the rate was totally reasonable at 14% considering how bad our credit scores were. I highly recommend We Find Lenders to anyone who with a bad credit rating.

Shawna Morelis

Miami FL

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